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December 2, 2012

Benefits from dedicated server hosting

Regardless if you are a completely online business or you have a local store and also sell online, you will need a web server hosting plan. Larger businesses often benefit more from dedicated server hosting, which basically means that the server which is housed in a data center is completely ‘dedicated’ to your website and you’re not sharing it with other people’s websites as is the case with shared hosting.

The Option for Unlimited Bandwidth on Servidores Dedicados

Another aspect to consider when looking into web hosting is unmetered dedicated server, which basically means you can use all the bandwidth you need for your site and never have to worry about overages. Without the unmetered option, you can end up going over your bandwidth allotment for the month and this can become costly for you. Many companies have switched to the unmetered web server to avoid overage charges during the month. In addition, many times going with the unlimited option saves you from having to figure out how much bandwidth you think you may need – if you pay for too much bandwidth, you won’t get a refund.

What About Costs of an Unmetered Option?

If you have concerns with the cost of your unmetered bandwidth, why not concern yourself with the cost of overages when you go over your metered bandwidth. What about the cost of paying for bandwidth you never even use? With a dedicated server you can choose unmanaged to save yourself a bit more money, though some choose to go with the managed server so that they can spend more time on their business.

For the smaller business it will probably cost far too much, and it would be best to stick with shared hosting which is considerably cheaper. As you company grows over time however, and as your budget increases, the switch to a servidores dedicados hosting plan might not be so far fetched.

Larger companies will want to go with the servidores dedicado option — it just makes more sense! Remember that you can go unmanaged if you want, but choosing the managed option on a dedicated server will give you time for the more important things, such as actually running your business.

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