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January 17, 2013

Consider a fun contest to create new business for your website

Have you considered starting a contest to create a buzz about your new product ? Simply by giving away a free gift the guys who have signed up may then go on and buy some of your other products. To enter the contest you may require people to write a product review or even a video review of them using your product which is a very powerful endorsement of course.

You will generate more attention if you require people to share their submission on a social network so their friends see it and learn about the contest. If you want to get customers even more involved, accept submissions and ask people to vote for their favorite one. The people who entered the contest will ask their friends to vote for their submission and do some free advertisement for your contest and your products. You may even want to ask them to purchase Unique articles for sale, and link back to your contest if you have an incentive for the most backlinks to your website.

Feature the content created by your customers to develop a unique branding strategy. Your customers will write reviews, take pictures of the products they bought, create some videos and write their own articles if you feature their content on your site and reward them with a gift card. This will make your customers feel valued and your campaign will be more adapted to your audience.

Try and interact with your customers and let them know more about you. On your about you page you should upload some personal photos or even a short video as this creates a bond with your customers and develops trust as you are developing a relationship.

Be careful not to give too much personal information but don’t be slow to interact with your loyal customers. Maybe create a forum where your customers can help each other and even ask you personal questions . If you have the time you may even want to add a live chat facility to your website if your customers have any questions before ordering.

Find a fun and original way to present your content. Writing articles is a good way to provide your audience with useful content, but this strategy will not help you stand out. You should be more creative and consider launching a Podcast if you can put together a fun radio show or create a series of videos so you can demonstrate your products, share some fun do-it-yourself projects or simply answer to questions your customers sent you. Look for a format you are comfortable with.

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